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Manifest this place of holding on to nothing at all and deepen from its wisdom...
Harada Roshi

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Dear Roshi I would like to repeat the question asked during teaceremony in Hokuozan this October so that much more practitioners could hear your answer What kind of lessons people should learn from whole Covidpandemia situation? And how we your students could help people to go smoothly through this situation?Thank you very much Gassho

It has been 9 months since the WHO declared the pandemic. There is talk about a vaccine being developed, we are entering a new phase. There is more knowledge about Covid19 by now. So we do not have to be scared neither can we ignore the situation.

Corona cannot be seen with the eye, yet since it is existing, it is matter. Thus we can learn about how to protect ourselves from the virus, as well as how not to spread it. If we take a wise approach, we will not become worried about the situation. Viruses have been of great importance in the long history of the evolution of mankind, yet according to the situation, humans also have become sick and even died from infections with viruses. Scientists can study the human genome, the physical aspect of it, but there is also the spiritual which is of no form. If we do not look with our wisdom, this aspect will not be apparent. Yet we cannot go against ethical codes. If we do not act according to these, human society will not be able to exist. Culture, arts, sports – all of these will become impossible. We need to polish this human aspect, which makes us wide and capacious as humans, and from this place we can support one another. This is important wisdom. We can study about ourselves, thus we get to know the past and the path for the future becomes clear. Using this quiet mind of ours, we can see that which connects all humans, we can see not from an emotional point of view, but with a quiet eye.

Now is a time which seems to be filled with uncertainty, anger, worry. Deepening our mind and bringing this quiet settled mind to other is how we can best care for other being.

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