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Harada Roshi

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Dear Roshi Sama .It is said that in the older time the masters who had a very deep and big experience after that experience they Let it ripen within them before they become a teachers .like the story of bodhiddharma that sat by himself for a long time in a cave and The Sixth Patriarch that went out of the monastery for a many years before he returned to teach .I wonder if you also had this process after your big experience and before you became a teacher for others ?if its ok to ask you how that time of letting the experience to ripe inside you was for you ?Deep gassho

Are you doing fine? Nice to hear from you. The ancient saints did have their ways, that is fine, yet if your determination for training is being inspired by what the ancients did, then your training easily can become mental. It is important to polish your own concentration or you lose the actual experience and then all value is lost. If there were the need to protect your country, the ancient’s deeds will be of no help to you. You need to look straight ahead, straight at what is appearing in front of you. Or else you cannot fight for your country and will lose. This is just how it is for each of us. We do many things each day, yet if we lose contact to the ground on which we stand, we lose our balance and become mental.

I went once into the mountains to die, a person of training came by and said: how lucky you are to be able to use all of your time for concentration. This made me return to the monastery. So that I could be around a person of wisdom and absorb this wisdom from them. I knew well that these chances to meet a true master do not come often and that I was not going to let this chance slip by. We cannot ask for wisdom to be given to us, so we need to find ways of how we can steal some of that huge wisdom of our teachers. For someone to be able to steal wisdom from the heavens when living under a bridge or in the deep mountains, this kind of wise person appears only once in 1000 or 10000 years. As for you as well, do not let any gaps come up and use this life which we only have once well.

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