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Go for the root...
Harada Roshi

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How can we counter all the fear that arise in children and grownups due to all the new restriction like wearing masks and also fear of getting sick?

If a virus we did not know would have appeared 100 years ago, we would have been scared and thought it was some kind of expression of evil. Nowadays science has evolved and we do find the source of the problems, yet even if we know the origin, we cannot avoid all problems. At this point we do need to be patient until this situation will calm down.

The ego of humans has become huge, and now is the time for us to repent, and to look closely at, what is our true human connection to each other based on, what is it all about? This is what is important now. We cannot just be scared, but we have to keep our head cool and look at the situation clearly then wisdom can arise. That is why we constantly need to nurture the base in our zazen. Unclear fear only arises from unawareness. Whether humans will survive only depends on this cool head. This is what you can give to others now, you can be an example to others, and the next chance that you can deepen again yourself, is at the January sesshin in Hokuozan.

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