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Harada Roshi

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While I feel a karmic connection to the practice of Dharma and to the teacher I also feel that it is time for us human beings to go beyond religious traditions rituals and ceremonies. Is this possible or am I being deluded?

To talk about religions is looking at morality. You say that you have a teacher whom you follow. People may experience trouble, yet they will soothe their minds by listening to music, playing sports, walking in the forest, drinking alcohol – there are many ways to forget those troubles. In these times now there is hardly anybody who becomes serious and looks for help in religions. This is how most people end their lives. You can look at society and most people live in a way which is about just getting by, living a good life for themselves. Yet not everybody lives only to feel self satisfied. Why were we born? How should humans live? What can we believe in? How should society be? When we start looking in this direction, more and more questions arise. It is not about the name and form of a religion, but there are those questions which we need to look at. And we are not alone. To investigate where the problems are, and then to gather energies to solve these problems. These are humans´ abilities.

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