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Manifest this place of holding on to nothing at all and deepen from its wisdom...
Harada Roshi

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How to meet with this world?

There is nothing so difficult as to meet the world. It is more natural that we work in accordance with the needs of society. Asking this question, you have lost sight of your pure being. Your intellectual understanding is not who you are. These are simply gathered information and experienced since birth. Where is that place that not a single hair can be inserted between self and other? Your truth is to be found before this personal character. It is the eternal place. If you have experienced this mind, then no matter what you see or hear, they all appear in your fresh mind. This mind that is not poisoned by dualism but perceives all as truth. Being alive is true joy. This is what Hakuin experienced when he heard the morning bell. This mind exist before dualism arises. And this is what society is in need of: anyone who comes in contact with someone of pure mind will sense it. The more your mind ripens, the more you can experience this for yourself.

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