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Harada Roshi

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With a world growing more polarized each day how can a simple man affect reconciliation so that both sides of the argument understand each other's position and possibly start a dialogue to bring the two sides together?

It is natural to have many thoughts. 100 people will have 100 different thoughts and opinions. If we all would not have different ideas it would mean, that we are not responsible. So before we start to bring people to talk, we need to quietly see for ourselves what our position is. We cannot talk to someone who has no opinion, which does not mean that we should be attached to our position, but before we put out our view we listen to the other.

If we throw a stone into a quiet lake, there will be ripples on the surface. And everyone gets moved around by these waves, which again brings forth further ideas and thoughts. And then easily we lose sight of the other. So we rather give the other time to express and do not judge, or else the waves will grow even stronger. At the beginning there was nothing, yet for some reason the waves occurred. We need to especially now be settled in our mind and look at the situation from this inner place of a calm, quiet mind.

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