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Harada Roshi

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Dear Roshi Sama Many people in my country asking me if its possible to experience deep awakening state of mind from practice in daily life in society?If its possible to have a deep experience like the experience that people can have from the training in a zen monastery?I will be very happy to hear a answer from you about this point .Thank you so much .deep gassho

Whether people live in society or in the monastery, it is all training. Someone with a busy mind in a monastery, will also be unsettled there and be confused by their own thought. Someone in society, giving all to the work they are doing without looking around, becoming one with their work, making efforts in being completely present, their mind can become calm and clear. For humans to have free time is a true obstacle. The Sixth Patriarch said, that since the time of the Buddha, the teaching of the school is no thought, the body is of no form, the source is no motion. That is how it is clearly taught. No thought is to not create extraneous thoughts. When we have necessary thoughts, right when they need is finished, they vanish. No form is that state when we are absorbed in our work, when we totally forget ourselves, our worries and have no free time to think. No motion is our life energy which is life the flow of a river, a flowing mind is always fresh. When we are confused, our mind gets stuck on something. Thus when we see the teaching of the Sixth Patriarch we can see that there is no difference in the experience of a person living in a monastery or in society. The state of mind of each person is what matters.

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