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Our body already knows how to give birth to true wisdom...
Harada Roshi

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Which kind of training do people adults need in this times? What ist the most important to learn?

Now we are living in a society of information, and we feel a great need for gathering information. In the old days, people would dig more deeply into their true mind, would not stop their efforts in doing so. while nowaday people once they have a certain sense of feeling settled and quiet, they are satisfied with it. Efforts to dig even deeper and find that which no one ever has discovered are hardly ever being made. The main point of our life is to know oneself. The more we polish our mind, the more we can see our true mind and the value of this life. Do not stop at feeling satisfied with practicing the form of zazen, but go beyond the body, go beyond the thoughts, go to the place where the wall between self and world has been taken away and we can melt into oneness. Then we can truly practice zazen. And not only zazen, no matter what we do, all will come forth from a place of truth, beyond ego, having met your true self. This is what we need now more than ever.

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