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True zazen is continued clear mind moments in everything we do...
Harada Roshi

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Who is aware of thoughts and body when zazen happens? Has it the same quality in you in me and in other people? Why some people have different reception of it like something which is critical towards them. How can I help them? What should be trained in such case?

Your thoughts and your feelings are noticed by you. You use these feelings and experiences as a base for making decisions in your life. That is why people of the same era will have similar way of seeing things. We do have of course our personal history and thus our way of perceiving is also different. There are some who see things deeply, other take things lightly. Does this originate from past experience? There is someone who will always doubt, others who always criticize, but how you need to realign your way of perception is up to ourselves alone. Yet someone who is able to reflect upon himself and learn from this, this person´s life will touch many people and leave his life lessons behind for others. This is how from olden days, spiritual people or scientists deeply reflected upon their own lives, and from there ripened into a deep way of perception.

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