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Harada Roshi

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If the chance is given to practice in a monastery, isn't it the best decision to leave society, turn our backs on our relations and practice till the ego dies completely? Could the practice be as efficient while we live our regular life in the society?

To become one minded in training, for that the setting of a monastery is ideal. There is a lot of extraneous things happening in daily life, in your job, in your family. Yet training is not a fight or struggle with one´s ego, but to awaken to the true master within. It is not good if the master and the ego get into conflict.
To be in society, making decisions and being involved is all ego based. It seems that people see ego as something bad, but without an ego we would not be able to live. Being hungry, being sleepy, working for society, all working of awareness is ego. If you say you want to train until the ego is gone, aren´t you following some idea you made your ego to be? This ego, sometimes it thinks about only ourselves, sometimes about others in society. It is important to keep the ego huge and wide, freely moving according to circumstances. To learn about this huge state of mind, that is what training is all about. If you have experienced it once, then all doubts drop away. Please even one day sooner, do work towards experiencing this huge feeling. And then offer it to society.

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