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Harada Roshi

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Are there any differences between living a single or a married life in connection the spiritual practice? Why is there so few words about family in connection with zen practice? Why is that most of the spiritual masters didn't have a family but live single?

Being married and doing training, being single and doing training, there is no difference in the training. It is about the individual doing training, not the family. Training is about the solving the problem of birth and death. Just because you have a family doesn´t mean that you will not die? To have a family is your karmic connection in this life. However close you might be to your partner, when you die you are alone. You cannot say: I have to die, so please come along. It is important to look at these common challenges together and to find the wisdom to deal with them. Yet death is different. We are relating to all life on this planet. All 67 million people have Buddha nature. Yet you are the one using your own Buddha Nature. You may have food served, yet you are the one eating it. We can help each other, that is what human life in society is about. Yet that selfish mind or that compassionate mind – it is up to you to express it. To see the source of one´s being is up to oneself. And in order to take this work of true seeing as most important in one´s life, that is why we stay single. Not only concerned with one´s own family, yet willing to give one´s life energy to all in society, that is why the chance for a married life gets put aside.

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