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If you want to know about the past, look at the present outcome. If you want to know the future, look at how you are right now...
Harada Roshi

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Since a few weeks I experience my inner world as much more changing and unstable than the outer world which feels much more inert and stable. My mind seems to be always on the go. The saying The river stands still the bridge is flowing comes to my mind. Please guide my further practice

The outer world being stable yet the mind moving – isn´t it just the opposite? When the mind gets deeper and more settled, then we realize that there is nothing permanent. And a mind that has nothing held onto – how would it be able to move? Speaking straight from the experience, we do not move even one step, but the outer world comes towards us. And because we do not move even the slightest bit, we can stay in that settled state of mind. Like being on a train – the seat we are on does not move, only the scenery outside the window. That is why we can enjoy the scenery going by outside. And because our mind is stable and taught, we do not need to even have that approved of.

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