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Drink up the whole universe...
Harada Roshi

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Non contention. Surrendering to things exactly as they are. This seems like a challenge for all of us. How can we do this?

This life is only borrowed. However wonderful, however difficult, like the Buddha says in the Diamond Sutra: This world is like a dream, phantom, a bubble, a shadow, morning dew and lightening. This is how you need to see it. He is teaching us that we cannot get attached. Humans do not live in such a meaningless life. There is joy, sadness, hope and dreams. That is how it is. That is why we need to treasure each and every encounter. This is what the Buddha is saying. That is why it is important to not stop at the apparences, open your eyes quickly to the truth. Once your eyes are opened to the truth, then this world of appearances cannot delude you anymore.

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