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Harada Roshi

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We meet weekly for Zazen and sutra reading. Subsequent to this we sit together for approximately one hour or a little bit more and have some tea cookies and smalltalk. Out of this came the idea to make our smalltalk time more practice oriented . We thought about reading pages from your books reading your teishos or sutras maybe then talk about questions arising. Would you recommend that? If so which text would you recommend?

People in full time training and people from society are not the same in how they go about their training. The professional person of training is going straight for the realization of this life energy. If that were not the main point, then the joy and amazement of being alive would not come forth. Yet for people of society who do practice, for them it is helpful to also have knowledge about these matters, so it is good for your group to read a text. From there the group energy will benefit.

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