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Harada Roshi

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Buddha Dharma is so calmly fulfilled and powerfully omnipresent that it has never moved at all yet it melts the iron wheel. Even though BuddhaDharma has never moved at all it melts the iron wheel. But why?

The iron wheel, historically is seen as being prince Ashoka. It was believed at that time if you do something of virtue for the people suffering in society, that the prince of the Iron Wheel would appear. The Buddha himself was a spiritual doctor, being endowed with the 32 special signs. Yet the prince of the Iron Wheel is said to only have had 31 special signs. The last one special sign was only manifested by the Buddha. This is a red point on top of the head of the Buddha, which usually cannot be seen by anyone. The Iron Wheel king not having the last of the special signs means, that he was still living in the world of form, still being attached to the form of his workings, believing society was existing. The Buddha was completely freed from that attachement to the outer form of things and of society, thus he was not involved in wanting to liberate anyone, yet his omnipresence alone, his mere being were the teaching to freedom for people.
Like in training, it is said: if we do not make efforts, then it cannot manifest. Yet if we do make efforts, there is nothing that could be gained. If you believe there is still something that need to be taught, that needs to be learned, then the truth has not been seen yet. Having realized yet letting go of that realization, we keep poilishing our state of mind.

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