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Harada Roshi

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What will happen to the next generation? Seeing the children nowadays only playing with the pc no manners no interest in physical work interacting only virtually how will the human heart survive?

Those children living in the age of the computer are very lonely. They do not have time to play, bump against each other and experience human encounter. That is very sad for these children. But while human beings are alive, their problems do not end. They might even only increase, I believe. Children hardly get the chance to live in a big community or family anymore, which does not bring forth this basic feeling of trust another. And the result is that those children have less abilty to feel with others and to consider others. Thus we have aggressive children who push others aside so that they can get more. There is an increase in this behavior, I believe. At this point it is the responsibility of the adults, using their wisdom to show the children that they belong, how they can be part of a group and something bigger. This is what needs to be done now. This is our responsibility now. To also not have juvenile crime rates increase, we have to make huge efforts. Let´s do our best to save our children, also for the next generation.

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