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Harada Roshi

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I'm awed by the indescribable benefits of meditation. Can you explain which meditation techniques help overcome the basic needs of the body food sunlight etc for long periods of time? The story about the football coach who helped 12 kids survive for 9 days in a dark cave before they were discovered has left us speechless and bow even more in reverence

This is an important question. Humans get most scared in darkness. Yet most likely the team who was trapped in the cave in Thailand did know about caves, thus they did not enter a state of panic. There was trust among them, they moved in oneness. There are people who decide by their free will to live in a cave for a year, yet they do need to maintain a certain discipline to manage on their own. Yet people cannot live by their ideas only, yet if keep to a rhythm and have faith in one another. Deep breathing and meditation can be of support.

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