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Harada Roshi

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Some modern meditation teachers in the buddhist tradition are beginning to accept that many students are unable for whatever reason to experience the fruits of meditation practice let alone enter the jhanas. Maybe 75 per cent of sitters experience nothing but tension pain and frustration. Why?

Who feels that pain? Who knows about these 75%? Who is satisfied? Who is frustrated? Who is tense and who knows about a good state of mind? Isn´t this all about the ego? Buddhism is about no-self, to awaken to that. But can you think about no-self in your head? No one wants to have these complicated thoughts about no-self. But those moments, when suddenly the awareness of your body is gone, you have let go of your thoughts, you can be amazed at the hugeness of your own life. Whether you look upon it from a small point of view, or realize that your true base is the universe, that is where the difference is. True joy comes forth from the realization that the small self is not where you can find inner satisfaction, but only by taking this chance to awaken to the state of mind at one with the universe.

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