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Harada Roshi

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I practice zazen daily about ten years. Once I was reading the records of master Bankei and something made a click on myself as I was catching something important. Since then I am feeling more relaxed and facing the events of daytoday with another approach enjoying what happens sometimes loosing me in doing things. I don't know to say what is good or bad events there is just my life. By another side nothing really change on me I'm not feeling that I improve myself or I became a better person and that's ok to me. Since it was nothing special experience since I continues with that sense of an I which is enjoying I wanna ask what type of experience was that? It was something or nothing more than intellectual knowledge?

It is possible to read an inspirational book and to enter a deep state of mind. Especially books about spirituality evoke this experience often. Now that you have had a taste of it, please continue with your practice of zazen, so that you can continue to polish your mind and share your experience with others.

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