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Our body feelings and our emotions are just tools to reach the essence...
Harada Roshi

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My Zen lineage comes from Omori Sogen of Daihonzan ChozenJi in Hawaii. Omori Roshi focused on ZEN KEN SHO . Like you he was a master calligrapher. I have noticed that your calligraphy looks very similar to Omori Roshi and other Rinzai Zen teachers. Calligraphy and Zen seem to go hand in hand. I have also taken SHODO as a serious practice to complement my Zen training. How would explain the relationship between SHODO and ZEN?

As Hakuin Zenji writes in the Song of Zazen: As for the Mahayana practice of Zazen, there are no words to praise it fully. The Six Paramitas, such as giving, maintaining the precepts and various other good deeds, like invoking the Buddha's name, repentance and spiritual training, all finally return to the practice of Zazen." The same is true for tea ceremony, archery, calligraphy - for all martial arts as well. If one is able to reach the depth of these paths, then it is the same experience as Zen. Zen is samadhi. All needs to be experienced in samadhi for being able to perceive the depth.

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