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Harada Roshi

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I'm a Swedish typographer artist and Jujutsustudent who have been practicing Shodo for some years now. I find it extremely rewarding and fulfilling to learn more and more about perfecting my kanji. And I feel that I grow every day by mixing my martial arts training with Shodo and meditation. However I'm not that skilled in the Japanese language and have hit a dead end looking for an expression that in some way say the same thing as the English expression it's better to burn too much than to not burn at all. I've tried interpreters over here but they return it in katakana and are not able to return it as kanji. To me the expression has become a bridge I can not pass and It holds me back in my Shod like a musical piece that you can not play thru completely. How can I obtain a correct kanji of my expression that is true to my heart? I'm so inspired by your work that I thought I'd better ask the master. Thank you for making my life a lot richer. Arigato

We all have different, individual abilities. Looking at the calligraphy works of ancient masters, they are impressive. I would help my teacher Mumon Roshi when he was writing calligraphies, and by watching him for so many hours, his style also became my style. Which every calligraphy of yours feel right when you are drawing it, take that as your next example for your continued practice. And more and more you will become your own Shodo.

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