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Harada Roshi

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During the Buddha's time there were many advanced yogis who routinely went through the material and immaterial jhanas. The Buddha went said that there was such a thing as wrong jhana and gave a detailed description as to how to avoid it. Can you please share with us your advice in this regard.

They are not mistaken, but the Buddha does not depend on them, They are a high quality technique, but not wisdom. Buddhism is all about wisdom, because only wisdom can liberate human beings. Like Moses´story of the sea parting, if it were like this for everyone, then it would be of use to all of us. The Buddha focussed on wisdom that could be used by anyone. If supernatural powers were accessible to everyone, then he would have agreed to them. There is a story when a believer had promised food as offerings to the Buddha and his monks when he gave these offerings to someone else. When the Buddha and his group arrived and there was no food, Mokuren Sonja suggested that he create some with his supernatural powers. But the Buddha did not agree and said: "How can people in later times understand? We need to eaccept this situation with our wisdom." Then someon close by offered horse food to them, and they shared and ate the horse food. The Buddha could have used his supernatural powers, but it would only bring confusion to others. Miracles and supernatural powers were of no meaning to the Buddha. 

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