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Harada Roshi

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I seem to be reconnecting more to nature and the earth by walking in barefoot type shoes and beeing outside in nature. I notice the sky and plants and animals a lot. My consciousnes is changing. It is slowing down. More calmnes. A very big compassion and togetherness comes towards animals and nature.But I also feel more pain from the humans... I am noticing more how disconnected the human world is. I feel I get more energy from reconnecting to the earth. I need less sleep and less food. I have more energy in the body. Where does it come from?I want to help the human world. I like to walk in town with my dog sometimes in our slow way. I see how it affects all that we meet. But human society is sick... I cannot have a normal job...it becomes unnatural for me. The way they want me to be. I am a contrast to society. It worries me sometimes. How can I better be valuable to this human society..? They dont seem to see or value my qualities...Thanks for your service

Please continue your training and bring forth great courage and strength so that you can purify the pain in society. This is what is most needed nowadays.

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