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Zen is simple and revealed...
Harada Roshi

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We are the only species which is able to reflect on itself thus we are the only species which creates egoproblems and the feeling of separation of life energy. We spend our lives figuring out that we are not separated and that our ego creates all our suffering. Even if we believe in the teachings of Buddha it needs a lot of effort to experience that. Why do we make our lives so complicated and cannot just accept that everything moves naturally as we see it in nature and with animals? If we understood that we are life energy we would probably not need to spend more time trying to figure out WHY we are here we would just be here. We would probably not have the desire to achieve anything in our lives in terms of status or wealth. Sometimes it seems to me we are like an experiment that went wrong. Is our consciousness actually a mistake?

If you have no consciousness, then you are as if in a coma. Will humanity perish? Being human is suffering. That is why we need to make efforts as to how we live. And most important, give even a slightest bit of joy to others.

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