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Harada Roshi

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A friend of mine is frustrated because he noticed that nobody around him seems to care about others and about the fact that people are literally dying from the actions we don't take. But so many people are not willing to change anything. There seems to be a general attitude that this is just the way it is. People are too ignorant to listen to ustheir intuitionthe teachings of Buddha.When I say Be the role model of how you want society to be. Devote your whole life to being a pure caring person and continue to spread this message it seems like my words are too weak and I cannot reach him. He hardly wants to talk anyone anymore and he feels exhausted. He says that meditation does not help as he already sees things clearly enough to know that we just needed to care about ourselves and about others but nobody wants to hear that and he doesnt know what to do.I feel sorry for his situation and his suffering made me realise that I cannot provide any answers.Can you help?

That is how actually everyone feels, yet we cannot live until 100. We have one piece of bread. Our stomach is empty, so we eat the bread, then the stomach turned from minus 1 plus 1 to zero. That is our life. If we were to divide the bread into half and maybe our stomach is not completely full, yet someone else´s stomach also received some bread. So the joy doubles. So our life eventually comes to an end, yet we can share our life with others, who again share with others. If we look at this aspect, then more and more joy is constantly being expressed.

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