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You can´t write a letter on the sky, you can´t write numbers on the water...
Harada Roshi

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Can you please tell me if my practice is correct I stay centered in the tanden and from there maintain a wide open awareness with the intention of asking what this Life really is. I do not fix concentration on any particular object but let sights sounds bodily sensations thoughts and feelings come and go as they present themselves while practicing to keep the mind awake open and still. I do this with a questioning attitude but do not constantly repeat the words of the question. It is hard to explain but the sense of open wonder is more like the eye from which I experience this life instead of focusing on the question itself as an object of concentration. When I become distracted I remind myself of the question once and then continue the silent investigation of reality. Is this a right way to practice? Would you call this kind of practice working on the koan What is Life? What is reality? What am I? or is this more like a shikantaza based practice?

This is quite good, yet you are still pulling ideas of Tanden, scenery, amazement along which makes your mind complicated. That is as if you are constantly re stating a dualistic world. You need to become each and every moment. Whether you use a koan, or whether it is Shikantaza, it is no problem yet you do need to become it completely. Do not stop and relax your efforts until you have lost all understanding and cognition.

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