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Harada Roshi

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There is a personal situation what interweaves my weekday life come up again and again in the form of doubt with the question 'quitting from this or not'.I try not to think about it too much observing the waves of thoughts and emotions or just live what come next put all my energies into it and trust I'll know what to do if I live the moment.Since years now this doubt is still here in vain of putting so much energy into it I don' t know how to soften this squeeze now.How to know what is good what is bad with no judging thoughts and emotions at all? How to know when is the time of quitting anything or continue seeing the roots of it?

You need to clearly distinguish between actual problems which are happening at work and those that no matter what happens, you can stay centred and immovable. Please keep polishing this state of mind.

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