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Zen is simple and revealed...
Harada Roshi

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It seems like Rinzai Zen teaches that we must abandon tradition with stories about burning or refusing precious relics and teachings. This seems to be in accord with the teaching of impermanence taught by Buddha. I can't help but notice that by abandoning tradition it seems like eventually there won't be anyone to uphold it. When the dharma is clearly revealed as valuable people will naturally seek it out and share it.

Tanka Osho burned the Buddha statues, Daie Zenji burned the Blue Cliff Records - why? Is it okay to let the teaching be turned into worship of outer values and letting realisation just be some decoration? During the era of Zen Bunka, it was Daito Kokushi Muso Daishi who was ploughing the fields, and all Zen that is left nowadays is in the tradition of Rinzai and Muso Daishi. Tanka Osho did not burn the Buddha statues without meaning. He is urging his students to realize awakening. Daie burned the Blue Cliff Records, so that his students may not be stuck on words, having lost the vow for true awakening, he is instructing them. ONLY if there is awakening can the light of the tradition become apparent !!!

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