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Harada Roshi

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Up to the age of about fifty years I didn't really know who I am and what my needs are. I was the little helper of many people or people wanted to force their will upon me. Since several years I listen to me and my needs and I try to care for me. It seems as if I have to cut contact to many other people to nurture myself. Sometimes I am very sad about this on the other hand it seems to be my way.But the greatest problem are people who do not respect my borders. This behaviour raises a great anger in me and I am often not able to control this. I try to avoid contact to those people but actually I have one colleague who tries to dominate me. It is not possible to avoid her. Is there something you can tell me ? Thank you

You have 50 years of life experience and now you become unsettled? Is just doing work and the pressure that comes with it what life is about? The Buddha said, "he who will win will be unsettled in mind because he worries about things being taken away from him, and he who lost will be filled with jealousy. Letting go and of win and loss, then your mind will be quiet and settled."

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