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Harada Roshi

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I had an experience one day while sitting in the sun with my eyes closed. I saw a circle with a dot in the middle. Sometimes these are just reflections of what one looks at when their eyes are open but I opened my eyes and saw this was not the case. When I first saw this image I thought to myself That looks Japanese. Then I thought I have seen that somewhere before. After that I forgot about it until a few days later I was online looking for places in the US that have sangha. A web page appeared with that image and I became intrigued trying to find out what it was. It turns out it was an enso and in my image it looked just like calligraphy. However I cannot find much information about what an enso with a dot in the middle means. Do you know what it means and do you have any opinion on visions of this sort?

There is no need to place a point inside an enso, because the enso is the expression of mind which cannot be described in words. The first person to draw an enso was Ryuju Sonja who expressed the experience of samadhi with an enso. Later on Echu Kokushi drew 96 different types of ensos, expressions of mind. From that time on the zen masters used the ensos a lot, as well as the ensos being used in the koan practice. The meaning of the enso is to not have extraneous thought, while the enso itself is an extraneous expression symbolizing pure mind. Thus placing a point into the enso is on no meaning in the Zen tradition.

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