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If you want to know about the past, look at the present outcome. If you want to know the future, look at how you are right now...
Harada Roshi

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following previous Mindfulness practice works really helps for calm and clarity deepening my mind. But koans like what is mind? what is this? connect to my deepest aspiration and my own life questions. Should I choose or combine? i.e. koan while sitting mindfulness in daily life?

It is improtant to see that these two approaches might seem different but can only be the same. The practice of Shikantaza is not only simply sitting, but Ta means completely melting into the ZA sitting. It cannot be an idea about quietness, but by experiencing every moment to its fullest, you can forget yourself. Sitting quietly - that is what a stone in the garden can do as well. It cannot be about a separate world when you feel quiet, no feelings remaining. That would be strange. But completely open in your mind, like a mirror, perceiving everything as it is. Like it says in the Heart Sutra: No eyes, no ears....but it doesn´t mean to shut off and not see or hear, but to not add any dualistic awareness and ideas, everything perceived as is. To think that Koans take you deeper show a mistaken way of looking at thisl. Most people make the mistake when using Koans, it cannot be like a quiz, intellectually thinking about the question, but you need to melt into the Koan. That is why the first Koan give will usually be used for 2-3 years until the melting into the koan is experienced. Melting with your body and mind into the koan. Once you have died into the koan, from there you can start and look at different aspects of action and ability coming forth from this experience of oneness, which is exactly the same place true shikantaza practice brings you to.

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