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Manifest this place of holding on to nothing at all and deepen from its wisdom...
Harada Roshi

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Last week I visit Japan. And went to see the Rinzai temple in Kamakura. There were not many people that they and we were invited to see a Kyudo teaching course too. The sound of the arrow was as the wind that was not blowing very nice to assist. I felt very inspired by the place and the people. I would like to start practice but in my own living place Haarlem next Amsterdam The Netherlands I cannot find any help.I just have a simple question. What do I have to do to become a practicer of Rinzai. Is there a guide or manual what explains in English vs Japanese what to do as ritual in the morning afternoon and evening ? I hope you can give me some help. Also I would not mind to have a teacher of distance from Japan. I like to do meditation and observe Nature by myself alone. When I was sixteen years old I wrote some kind of Koans. This is one of them Which intention stay's unchanged?

If you want to become a trainee in Rinzai zen, you need to enter a monastery. There of course is Sogenji in Okayama Japan, in the USA there is Tahomasan Sogenji, in Europe there is Hokuozan Sogenji and in India there is Indozan Sogenji. You can go to any of these places and learn the basics before being allowed to enter a Japanese monastery. There ceremony is about deepening your own mind. 

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