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The first 10 years of training are hard, the next ten years even harder. And after that it starts to become joyful...
Harada Roshi

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I have been advised not to deliberately build up power in the tanden in order to try to achieve something. Do you think there is any place for will in breathing? My teacher discourages us from going after results. But what about that wide open spacious mind? Aspiring for that is surely different from clinging mind.

The Zazen taught by the Buddha is full lotus. Even if you sit in half lotus, as it is taught in the Zazengi, you need to gather energy in the Tanden. There cannot be a single thought or imagination left in your head - that is correct zazen. Why is this? Because also our body is part of the laws of the universe, it is not our dreams that bring us happiness, but when we become one with the universe, when your mind is so taught and full, you feel completely settled within. When you enter this state of mind, there is no more dualism, yet all becomes your own being. This experience is called Kensho - Satori.

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