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You can´t write a letter on the sky, you can´t write numbers on the water...
Harada Roshi

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For several years I have been wanting to become a monk, but my mother is against it. She told me once that she was a monk in the time of Tang dynasty and very likely that she failed but this is my guess. She wants to keep me close to her, have a family and rise her grandchildren. She told me that I am weak and want to leave her alone for some unknown reason she doesn't believe in bodhichitta anymore. I tried to restore her faith, gave her several books about Zen and several sutras to read even translated Blue Cliff record and Book of Serenity into Russian language but she still doesnt believe in a single word of Dharma. She only believes in material things and that people need to continue their family like many Chinese people do. Personally I want to leave her but I don't want to hurt her feelings I am greatly indebted to her. Is it possible to come to an agreement with her? What can I do?Sorry for a very difficult question.

In the olden days it was important to see the family as most central, yet in the 21st century it seems more natural for each person to be thinking about their own way. Your mother opposes because there is a world she believes in. Same as you are concerned about her well being. However much you are concerned about your mother, when she dies you cannot go with her. Each person is being born alone and will die alone. There are things you can do and you can´t do for your mother. Please consider this deeply.

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