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The first 10 years of training are hard, the next ten years even harder. And after that it starts to become joyful...
Harada Roshi

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Harada Roshi im from Brazil and next to me there are no Zen Teacher or Master. But im try to learn readind some books Three Pilars of Zen Kapleau Zen Mind Begginers Mind etc and especialy practing Zazen Shikan Tanza every day more than 3 times of 20 minutes each day. Although all books say that it's necessary a master to teach me and help me about Zen and how to find Satory. What can i do to improve me practice? A master is essencial to achieve Satory? Im my case even though im practice Zazen every day i must find a master?Thank you very much for your atention.

Even if many people practice together, you are on your own. To practice zazen on your own is no problem, yet you need a guide, someone you can exchange about your essence of sitting. If you do have a question, you can use this questionnaire and contact me.

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