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Our body already knows how to give birth to true wisdom...
Harada Roshi

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Long story short and to get to the question 2 years ago I went through a huge spiritual energetic awakening as I was increasing my meditation practice. I spent a good deal of time bedridden and probably not until 6 months later was I able to really interact with the world. At this point if I keep to myself stay out of densely populated areas and follow a particular diet things go somewhat smoothly. When interacting with others I feel tremendously exposed to their energy thoughts impressions and it follows me around for some time. This makes it very hard to live life in a social way especially since my work involves interacting with other human beings who are going through trouble themselves. This all seems to point out to me how we are in this thing together but it does not make it easy for me as an individual.Do you have any advice on how what direction to go from here? I have sat with you and your Sangha and plan on doing so again. Intensive meditation ramps the issues up.

Please do come for sesshin again.The era we live in is fast moving and people are easily agitated. To be around these people creates a pressure. All we can do is return to our practice of zazen and deepen our stable mind.

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