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Harada Roshi

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I am a 15 year old male and have a question What is the point to living? I see no point in living and my mind is constantly moving it seems impossible to stop. Will zen help me with the issues in my life? Can I practice zen isolated where i am as there are no temples near me? How can I deal with the people here and now how can I find happiness and a point to living?

We never live alone. Clothes we wear, food we eat, our room where we live, thanks to the efforts of many people can we live without missing anything. If we pay for something, we can receive anything, yet for getting that money we do need to work. Yet there are things that money can not buy, that is our mind. Receiving the warmth of the sun, water, air, the grace of nature - nature is showing us this huge, abundant mind, which we can also experience when we sit zazen.
If you do not have a zen group close by, it is important to sit by yourself. Sit quietly, practice a long exhalation, then you can feel how you become more quiet inside. Start with 5 minutes, and then maybe 10 minutes, and when you have a feeling for how your mind can settle, then you can add another 5 minutes. And when you stay with this practice you will see, how you are not just alone, but how you are being given life to by a huge life energy.

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