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Harada Roshi

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What is the Buddhist understanding of justice? In my practice I watch my own mind and my own behavior but at times I can't help wondering about those individuals who seem determined to do harm to actively inflict mental or physical violence and suffering on others. Is there a point where seeing malevolent behavior as a manifestation of someone's personal delusion crosses over to a need to protect those in harms way?

In Buddhism justice is Buddha nature. Everyone has the same Buddha nature, that is how Buddhism sees it. Yet we are being confused by our ego and cannot see our Buddha Nature. Because you have awakened to your Buddha Nature, thus you know the worth of being human. Yet there are so many people who have not yet awakened and thus violence does not end. We need to clearly criticise their behaviour and need to save the victims. We cannot stop making efforts that even one more person might awaken to their true mind.

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