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Zen training is done with bravery, it is not a decoration for our life...
Harada Roshi

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Roshi san if time is being then as our everchanging form are we time itself? If that is true then what would it mean to be time itself? And if we were to deeply understand that time is being how would that change how we view the world? How would it change how we live our lives?

The usual perception of time is flowing, past, present and future, but that is not all that time is. There is time that comes from the future back to this moment, like the Olympic games starting in August, there is a countdown all the way up to the opening day and thus the opening day comes closer. But that alive time when we can experience our being, is HERE HERE NOW NOW. That is being and time melting into one. This time is called “being alive”. This time, this moment´s chance brings forth awe.

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