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Our source of awareness is prior to picking and choosing...
Harada Roshi

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I can see that most peoples beliefs of freedom and life is rooted in limited ideas they have been taught by schools and society. But in reality I sense that this limited consciousness is being imposed on them by a small elite here on our earth. How can I help people understand the real freedom?

You are talking about the form of freedom. In a dualistic, discriminative world, there cannot be any freedom. Even if you find yourself in a situation which is pretty free, inside your mind there is the strong ego which keeps you tied to concepts and memories. You want to eat a certain thing, buy something, make something your own, and for that you work hard until you have it. For a whole life we are the slave of our ego. Yet while being a slave we think that we are not. That is strange. Of course, you can work on the outside conditions that you may find some freedom there, yet to free yourself from the ego is not easy. That is why we practice that state of mind which is huge and expensive in our zazen, letting go of all thoughts so that we may return to our original mind which is not stuck on anything. Everyone needs to make this experience for oneself. That is the only way it can work.

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