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Harada Roshi

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It is so hard to be a mother. I want to do my work. I want to be myself alone. The children are young and need me and this is my job now. But I am tired how will a mother ever know if dedication and sacrifice is beneficial to the children? How will a mother know when her work is done?

You are a mother thanks to your children. There are many people who even if they would like to have a child, they cannot conceive. And there are those who have a child yet maybe the body or the mind of the child is filled with challenges, or children born with defects. If you are blessed with healthy children, is there space to be indulgent in your own wishes? Do you know how much mothers suffer  if one´s children turn out to be violent or sick? If you are aware of this, then you could only prostrate to your children. Thanks to you children you are given the chance to grow into a ripe human being.

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