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Harada Roshi

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I´m sitting in a wheelchair since 2 years. MS. And I want to continue my meditation practice. I have pain during sitting in this chair. Maybe you have an advice how I can continue. I don't have a teacher and I do not participate a sangha.

Thank you for writing. I think I cannot guide you completely, yet from my own student who also has MS I can say a few words. My student is a teacher of Yoga and Taichi, who would treat others for many years. Not having the slightest thought that this might happen to her. So she suffered. Now she has become friends with her sickness, when she feels good, she can even give me a treatment. This body is just a tool. We have received this body due to the DNA of our parents, we have had many experiences. And sometimes this body becomes sick and we suffer from that. But even a body that is limited, we can learn to use it well, knowing that it is just a tool, we can awaken to this wisdom. The harder it is, the deeper our wisdom becomes. Please work on using this body well, develop your wisdom of how it works best for you. Please let me know how you are doing.

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