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Harada Roshi

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I experience a lot of energy moving up and down sideways with random pattern inside my body during meditation. It is strong and very powerful. Is this normal ?I try not to fear and stay in meditation but fear wins most of the time. I have never had any formal training. Any suggestions ?

If strong energy were enlightenment then al great leaders would be Buddhas. When you sit zazen it can happen that you feel this energy. We live in this universe which is an ocean of ki energy. Taifun and lightening are just some expressions. The same for our body. The energy moves along the meridians which are parallel to the blood vessels. According to the stimulation of these meridians does the flow increase. Zazen also invigorates these meridians, and once your zazen has ripened, then the ki energy does not stagnate any more. Yet sometimes is can happen, that the ki energy flows too quickly. That shows that the zazen is not settled yet, and with time, zazen will become deeper along with this, also the energy flow will become more settled.

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