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Harada Roshi

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It is easy to say Buddha said Do not kill Buthow to truly avoid hurting other human beings? For example Buddha left his wife and his son and went to search for the Truth. Were they hurt by the absence of the husband and the father? Would their lives have been different if he had not left? Isnt search for the Truth Original spirit based on the ultimate selfishness? Each time I dedicate myself to zazen or kendo keiko I wonder if someone is missing me and I feel that my spiritual training is useless for the people surrounding me and their lives needs. How to deal with this?

You do not have two lives. However you might live, you will die eventually. What can be more important but for all beings to awaken to their true mind? If one person awakens, this person can tell all other beings about their innate potential. It does not end with the happiness of only one person. And especially the Buddha himself being the first one to pass on this realization to others. Even now we are still deeply thankful and joyful for this teaching. And finally the son of the Buddha became his student and also experience deep satori.

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