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Wash away the discriminating shadow...
Harada Roshi

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I feel indifferent towards mundane concerns of life and those of most people. This feeling is naturally increasing with practice as I focus more and more on ultimate reality and see worldly matters as hindrance. I feel like this attitude is ultimately not conducive to the path. I am at a loss.

How many people live their lives with just getting through it? Basing their lives on education, social knowledge, possessions, not seeing the significance of life, neither the value of deep repentance, nothing to pursue, living from hand to mouth, feeling satisfaction  and believing that that is happiness, most people live like this, no? If even one person then has the feeling to point this out, to use some means to awaken others, isn´t that a person of spirituality living up to their responsibility? Isn´t that true compassion? "When I look carefully, I notice the nazuna flowering by the hedge." Basho noticed the tiny flower blooming by the hedge and was touched with amazement. The Buddhas was touched by the morning star, Kyogen was touched by the sound of the stone hitting the bamboo, Hakuin was struck when hearing the morning bell, if you do not experience this deep appreciation for life you cannot say that you truly are alive. Life needs to be amazement.

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