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Our ancestors lived with huge grace: living and dying in the Dharma...
Harada Roshi

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I am thinking that zazen is like doing a job like digging a ditch. The thoughts come and I just count the breath like taking another dig with a shovel. It's no longer about being a certain special way but just doing the job. Is this correct?

To experience your original mind, you cannot add in any mental understanding. Mental activity is just a shadow on the surface of mind. That which brings forth mental understanding is our original mind. Our mind can decorate everything, yet understanding does not bring us closer to mind. This is not nihilism either, calling it mind, calling it Buddha Nature. There is nothing that can actually be named. If you want to awaken, forget your body, let go of your thoughts, just go straight empty mindedly - that is the fast track. Once awaken you will see that this is not mistaken.

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