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Harada Roshi

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In the Song of Zazen it says: The Six Paramitas such as giving, maintaining the precepts and various other good deeds like invoking the Buddha´s name, repentance and spiritual training. What is this spiritual training Hakuin points to?

"As for the Mahayana practice of zazen, there are no words to praise it fully. The Six Paramitas, such as giving, maintaining the precepts, and various other good deeds like invoking the Buddha’s name, repentance, and spiritual training, all finally return to the practice of zazen." Up to here it is one point. Mahayana practice = Mahayana samadhi (ZenJo). The sixth patriarch teaches: "To forget oneself is called Zen, to be immovable is called samadhi (Jo). When giving offerings, if there is anything in your mind, it is not true offering. The same is true for all practices: maintaining the precepts, reciting the Buddha´s name, repentance, all spiritual practices, if there is any self awareness remaining, then it is not the truth. Only from samadhi can all spiritual practices and daily life as well manifest the truth.

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