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Zen is simple and revealed...
Harada Roshi

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Each of us has inside a seed not only for peace but also for war. Can the seed for war actually be eradicated? Is our training about seeing clearly how the steps our word and action in this very moment will lead to harmony or to conflict? There are those who cover so well as they incite war.

What we ourselves recognize seems to us like peace. What we do not recognize seems like war. The seed for war is our ego, yet we cannot live without ego. Zazen is about awakening to our true wisdom. People who have experienced awakening are able to use their ego for others, for society. There is no meaning in fighting the ego. Instead turn around your mind, looking sharply at the world which also can liberate you. You need to be able to engage with others egos wisely, or else you get pulled into confusion. That is zazen. People who have a strong ego attachment have not awakened to their inert wisdom yet.

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