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Harada Roshi

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Does Enlightenment imply moral excellence? Is it possible for a man or woman to see clearly his or her true nature yet remain immoral? Conversely is moral excellence possible in the absence of Enlightenment?

What is it that you call immoral? Looking at it from the original mind, to say you are a man, a woman, a human, that things are good or bad, all are mistaken views. Why is it? Because original nature has no form. If you awaken to this, while knowing you commit. While you are not a man/woman, you say you are a man/woman. While you are not sick and old, you appear as being sick and old. Morality was created by humans out of the need, so there is no one who is morally perfect. Of course, we cannot just decide for ourselves what is correct. If humans were to loose morality it would become hell on earth. Yet it is not about living correct to moral values, but to become a warm hearted person who considers others deeply.

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