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Harada Roshi

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It may happen that I find zazen boring? is it normal this feeling? if so what is the suggestion? I do zazen at 4:15 am alone. This is since 3 months. Then I go to work and often I feel tired during and by the end of the day. I keep concentrated on the breathing .Your suggestions would help me a lot. I am 60.

We all have all types of lives and encounters. Now it is your chance to look into your own deep essence. Until now you have lived and looked outside, but now your awareness is turned inside, and you are not used yet to facing inside, being with your own essence. The awareness that perceives outside always divides and judges, so it is natural that you feel bored by only looking inside. So even then, continue, concentrate on your exhalation. And slowly you will get a feel for how this inner awareness  works. Please stay with the practice and it will open up for you.

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